Child and Adolescent Injury

Every day across Virginia, parents and guardians drop their children at daycare, send their kids to school, let them play on playgrounds, and sign them into childcare while they work out at the gym.  They sign waivers so that their child can attend a birthday party at a facility or play in a local soccer league.  They take them to ski resorts in the winter and amusement parks in the summer.  They bring them to public swimming pools, and allow them to play with toys and attend play dates in homes with dogs.

Most of the time, parents and guardians don’t give this a second thought.  They aren’t thinking about the worst-case scenario for any of these activities. The truth is we all think it won’t happen to us or, in this case, it won’t happen to our children. Catastrophic child injury is something that happens to other people—until it’s not. Children and adolescents are susceptible to injuries, sometimes even in the very places and with the very people we most believe they will be safe. These are just a few of the types of injuries that your child could sustain:

  • Daycare injuries
  • School or playground injuries
  • Amusement park injuries
  • Swimming pool injuries, including drowning
  • Indoor theme park injuries, such as trampoline facilities
  • Injuries from defective toys
  • Dog bites
  • Ingestion of household products
  • Motor vehicle accidents

When the unthinkable happens, the parent or guardian is the legal voice of the minor. Anyone under the age of 18 cannot speak for themselves to an insurance company or in a court of law. When you’re managing a child injury, you want to be the best advocate for them that you can be, and you probably have questions.

  • Should I give a statement?
  • Should I take pictures?
  • Who is responsible?
  • How are the medical bills going to be paid?
  • Should I speak to the insurance adjuster?

During this difficult time, put those questions in the hands of our skilled child injury attorneys.  An injury to a child is stressful and frightening. No parent or guardian should be plagued with more uncertainty. The child injury lawyers at Geoff McDonald and Associates are skilled to handle questions related to child injury claims, to relieve some of the burden and get the right care and result for the most precious people in your lives.  We understand.  Many of us are parents too. If your child is injured, put your trust in us.