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If you are an employee with inside knowledge of acts of fraud against the government, you may be considering whether to file a whistleblower claim to put a stop to it.

This is not a decision to take lightly as claimants are often subjected to acts of retaliation by their employers. However, taking this important step can help the government to learn about and put a stop to illegal activity. Hiring a licensed attorney can help provide the legal protection you need, and you may also qualify for compensation.

At Geoff McDonald and Associates, we have been representing clients in Richmond for 20 plus years and have extensive knowledge of Virginia state law and qui tam claims.

Our Richmond whistleblower claims lawyers offer a free and confidential consultation to answer your legal questions and review your evidence to determine whether it is substantial enough to pursue a case. There is no obligation to file a claim after our meeting and no financial risk on your part to retain our services. We do not collect any fees unless we are first successful in obtaining compensation for you.

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What You Need to Know About the False Claims Act

Originally enacted in 1863, the False Claims Act is a law that has experienced many changes and amendments to create the modern law we have today. This law was specifically designed to protect the U.S. government from acts of fraud for payment, such as:

  • Purposely creating and submitting a false claim for payment
  • Deliberately making a false statement or creating a fake record for payment
  • Premeditation to plan to create or submit a false claim
  • Receiving property from an unauthorized seller
  • Withholding or using money that is intended for use by the government
  • Delivering a document confirming receipt of government property without properly verifying the information on the receipt or whether that transaction actually took place

Is A Whistleblower Eligible For Compensation?

The short answer is yes, a whistleblower may be eligible for compensation. Whistleblowers provide a service to the government by helping to bring hidden illegal activities to light. In recognition of the contribution from these individuals, as well as the personal risk involved, the False Claims Act – also known as the Whistleblower or Qui Tam Act - makes various provisions that may provide compensation and/or relief for whistleblowers.

Claims where the government joins in – If the other party is found guilty of fraudulent or illegal activity, whistleblowers may be eligible to receive between 15 and 25 percent of any money recovered.

If the government is not involved but the outcome is successful - The percentage you may be eligible to recover could increase to as much as 25 to 30 percent.

Other damages or equitable relief - Additional relief may be provided to you as a whistleblower if your employer or others retaliated against you, such as:

  • Reinstating you to your former position if you were fired or demoted
  • Pursuing compensation for your legal fees
  • Emotional distress caused by acts of harassment and retaliation
  • Obtaining allowable interest on back pay that was withheld
  • Paying back double the income if you were let go

During our free initial consultation, we are prepared to review your potential whistleblower claim, explain what you can expect from the legal process, and discuss the types of compensation you may be eligible to receive.

There is no financial risk for retaining our services since we charge nothing up front and collect no fees unless we successfully obtain money for you.

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How Can I Benefit from Hiring a Whistleblower Lawyer?

At Geoff McDonald and Associates, we understand the challenges and concerns you may have when considering whether to expose your employer for fraudulent acts in a whistleblower claim.

If we take your case, we are committed to:

  • Working to pursue a portion of the recovered funds
  • Aggressively working to protect your identity from the public and your employer
  • Communicating with you about the status of your claim throughout the legal process
  • Seeking equitable relief for any retaliation you suffer

Additionally, for cases handled by the government, we can help you to obtain approval for your share of an expected settlement. This is important, because although the government may settle a claim at any point during the legal process, you are still required to get government approval to obtain your share of recovered funds.

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Types of False Claims We Handle

We handle various types of claims involving unlawful activity, including:

Contractors – Government contracts are very competitive, and this creates the temptation for some contractors to engage in fraudulent or unethical practices to secure the bid, such as submitting forged certifications and other false information. Additional illegal activities could include offering bribes or kickbacks to help secure a contract.

Healthcare – Healthcare cases can involve illegal activity such as when an individual physician, private practice group or even a large healthcare institution:

  • Submit fraudulent claims requiring payment
  • Charge multiple times for the same service
  • Inflate charges for service to Medicaid or Medicare, or charge multiple times for diagnostic tests or treatments that were never provided

Energy – Claims that occur when companies commit illegal activity to secure new government land with potential sources of untapped energy. Additionally, energy companies, who are required to pay a royalty fee on any profits back to the government, may find ways to fraudulently manipulate these royalty fees to its profitable advantage.

Environmental – Companies may be guilty of charging for environmental services they never completed or submitting false test results to support a positive outcome, such as forging proof of successful results for toxic waste removal that was never done.

Financial – There are many types of financial fraud that can happen within any government entity, corporation or financial institutions.  

Research – Applying for U.S. grant funds is very competitive. Sometimes individuals or companies may falsify their data to qualify.

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