Warning Issued Regarding Safety Of Laser Hair Removal

Thousands of people remove unwanted body hair each year with laser hair removal. The procedure is expensive and has permanent results, but there are a growing number of reports of women who have been burned and permanently disfigured on their faces, legs, and arms, and throughout their bodies after receiving a laser treatment performed by under-trained hands.

According to NBC 12 News, one Virginia woman told reporters that she had received an online coupon for half price for the service at a local spa. She stated that the pain through the procedure was excruciating, and she was horrified when she noticed deep blisters resembling burns at the treatment site. She said it took months of treatment from a dermatologist to fix the damage that was done by the single laser treatment.

Dr. Suzanne Kitces Peck, a board certified dermatologist, says that the ease of licensing to operate the laser in Virginia is at the root of the problem. She added that the best way to avoid this danger is to only go forward with the procedure if it is being performed by a doctor or under a doctor’s direct supervision.

The Richmond Personal Injury Lawyers with Geoff McDonald and Associates say these laser devices that cause injuries could be considered Virginia Faulty Products, as the service received is not what the consumer was expecting, and they’re often not warned of the dangers of the procedure as well.

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