Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween pet safety

Halloween is coming up, and the spooky decorations are popping up all over town. Halloween candy has been in the stores for months, of course, but most of us are just starting to get into the spirit. There’s lots to think about before the big day—costumes, buying that candy, where to trick-or-treat, and more. But one thing you might not think about is how to keep your pets safe on All Hallows Eve. Halloween pet safety is an important concern, though, as pets can face increased risks during the October 31 festivities.

Don’t Let Fido Eat That Candy

Let’s face it, Halloween candy isn’t great for any of us (yet oh, so tasty), but it’s much worse for our four-legged friends. Chocolate is one of the worst offenders for dogs and cats. You should be especially careful of dark chocolate or baking chocolate. So when you’re filling up that big bowl of candy for the little ghouls and goblins that come to the door, make sure to put it somewhere that Spot and Fluffy can’t reach.

Think Before Costuming Your Pet

Pet costumes a lot of fun for us humans, not to mention, the pictures will look great on your Instagram. But man’s best friend may not enjoy getting into the spirit of the season quite as much as we do. Some pets love dressing up, and if that’s your furry friend then go crazy. No need to deny your kitty’s sense of dramatic flair if that’s what she wants to do. If your pet is clearly miserable in his costume, though, don’t force him to wear it. Pets can contribute in other ways like keeping you company on the trick-or-treating route.

Halloween pet safety

If you do choose to costume your pet, pay attention to the details. Make sure the costume leaves Fido’s ears, face, and legs free so that he can breathe and move without any trouble. Make sure that the fabric is not irritating or too hot. And don’t forget to check small pieces or dangling bits that could be easily chewed off as these present a choking hazard.

Careful of the Pumpkins

The ASPCA says that pumpkins are non-toxic. They are, essentially, just a big orange squash after all. But if your dog or cat takes a bite out of one, it may result in an upset stomach. Not to mention, your jack-o-lantern just won’t look the same.

Speaking of carved pumpkins, if you choose to light yours with a real candle, make sure to place the pumpkin somewhere where your pet won’t be able to knock over the candle. While a live flame may give a more “authentic” look, an electric or battery operated model is certainly a safer bet.

It’s 9:00, Do You Know Where Your Pets Are?

Halloween is a night of harmless fun for most of us, but there is often an increase in crime on October 31 as a few partake in more dangerous revels. Don’t let your pets out on their own on Halloween night. Keep dogs and cats leashed or inside, and keep a close eye out if you do go for a walk. Also keep a close watch if your pet is a slippery character so that they don’t slide by you when you open the door for trick-or-treaters. Most of the Halloween scare mongering is just that, but keep on the safe side and keep Rover close.

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Photos: Walter Brussels Griffon, Shannon McGee





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