Richmond Murals: 5 Years of Public Art

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It’s no secret that Richmond, Virginia is an up and coming destination for arts and culture. In that past few years Richmond has seen incredible gains in galleries, theater, and other cultural events that have drawn wide attention to the city. One notable example of this phenomenon is the Richmond murals created by the Richmond Mural Project.

The Richmond Mural Project, begun in 2012, is an annual event that brings nationally and internationally known artists to Richmond each year in spring or summer to create mural art on buildings throughout the city. The goal of the project is to create 100 murals in its first five years. It is hoped that the project will give Richmond a reputation as a “premier art destination” and increase tourism. The project was created by Art Whino, an art gallery based in Washington, D.C.

2016 marks the fifth year of the project and the end of the first phase. It is not certain whether the project will continue in subsequent years, however, 10 artists have been announced for this year’s event. These artists will arrive in the city in July with the event taking place July 11-22.

The artists who will create the 2016 Richmond murals are:

  • Cyrcle – Los Angeles, California – This multidisciplinary duo don’t confine themselves to one medium or genre. Their work in street art, fine art, and graphic design focuses on duality and the human condition.
  • ASVP – New York City – This duo has been working together since 2008 and has built up quite the impressive resume. It’s no surprise that people are lining up for ASVP’s impressive hand-drawn graphic style.
  • Handiedan – Amsterdam, Netherlands – This Dutch artist works in hand-cut and digital collage as well as her large street art pieces. Her intricate and burlesque-inspired work is a true standout.
  • JADE – Peru – Jade Rivera lives and works in Lima, Peru. His unique graphic style is grounded in a sense of place developed by his upbringing.
  • Jason Woodside – New York City – Woodside’s striking visual style is marked by vivid colors and abstract, geometric patterns. The undeniable appeal of his work has drawn many, including major brands such as Adidas, to commission him.
  • Marka 27 – Dallas, Texas – Born in Juarez, Mexico, Marka27 has been creating unique and beautiful street art for over 20 years. His style combines the ancient indigenous aesthetics of his multicultural background with street art, pop culture, and personal life experience.
  • Naturel – Washington, D.C. – Naturel’s sharp, futuristic work has caught the eye of many high-profile clients. His geometric designs combine elements including pop art, surrealism, and cubism.
  • Pat Perry – Detroit, Michigan – This Michigan-based artist travels as much as possible, seeking to escape the mundane world. This vivid and surreal work reflects this commitment to staying outside the mainstream.
  • Interesni Kazki – Ukraine – This duo’s name, when translated into English, means “interesting fairytale.” Their fantastical work is inspired by folklore, mythology, religion, science, and more.
  • Jacob Eveland – Richmond, Virginia – The project is known for bringing street artists from all over the world, and this year is no exception. But Richmond’s own Jacob Eveland will also be contributing to the lineup for 2016. Eveland’s work combines fantasy characters and storytelling elements to create a unique visual style.

This fascinating and diverse lineup of artists is sure to bring amazing new mural art to Richmond this year and will hopefully complete the project’s goal of 100 murals. These new pieces will add to an already impressive collection of street art produced in the first four years of the project. Let’s take a look at some standout pieces from previous years.


22 murals were created in the project’s first year, including these amazing pieces.

ROA Turtles 2012

This turtle mural by Belgian artist ROA is located at 11 South 18th Street. This mural reflects ROA’s strong interest in animals and signature black and white style.

Pixel Pancho 2012

This piece is located at 9 West Grace Street. Italian artist Pixel Pancho takes robots and other machine-like creatures as his inspiration.

Lelo 2012

Brazilian artist Lelo is known for his use of bold shapes to create symbolic images of animals and people. This mural is located at 414 West Broad Street.


These murals are a sample of the 21 Richmond murals created in 2013.

Stormie Mills 2013

This piece, located at 203 North Lombardy Street, is one of an impressive eight murals created by Australian artist Stormie Mills for the project’s second year. His work is stark monochromatic, seeking to represent both the isolation and the hope of modern urban life.

Aniekan 2013

This mural was created by D.C. based artist Aniekan, who is known for his large-scale portrait work. It is located at 535 North Second Street.

Greg Mike 2013

Connecticut native Greg Mike draws inspiration from mid-20th century cartoons and skate culture to create his unique surrealist pop art pieces. This mural can be found at 2600 West Main Street.


These pieces display the diversity of styles seen in the 13 murals created for the project in 2014.

Wes21 and ONUR 2014

This impressive collaboration between artists Wes21 and ONUR is titled “DOOM LOOP” and is located at 501 East Grace Street.

MEGGS 2014

Australian artist MEGGS combines bold illustrative elements with free-flowing design to create his unique style. This piece can be viewed at 2 North Meadow Street.

David Flores 2014

David Flores, an artist hailing from California, is known for his “stained glass” style of painting. This cartoon-inspired piece is located at 646 North 7th Street.


22 murals were created for the fourth year of the project.

D*Face 2015

This mural highlights British artist D*Face’s signature bold pop art style. It is located at 108 North 7th Street.

James Bullough 2015

James Bullough was born in Washington, D.C. where he was inspired by urban graffiti. He combined this aesthetic with the oil painting techniques of the old masters to create his own unique style. This mural is located at 620 North Lombardy Street.

Nils Westergard 2015

This striking mural was created by Richmond’s own Nils Westergard. It is located at 1533 Floyd Avenue.

What is your favorite of the Richmond murals? Don’t forget to share with friends and family!

All photos property of the Richmond Mural Project.
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