Top 5 Summer Treats: Tasty Ways to Beat the Heat

summer treats

The sun is out and the pools are open. The temperature is climbing day by day here in Virginia. And what is better to beat the heat than a cool summer treat? Refreshing beverages, icy desserts, and fresh fruits abound. Check out our top summer treats for some sweet ideas.

1. Ice Cream

It just wouldn’t be summer without this dairy-licious classic. This frozen concoction has a history going all the way back to ancient China, and we all still scream for it today. There may be 30 or 300 flavors to choose from, but vanilla is still king, with chocolate and butter pecan taking second and third place respectively.

There are so many ways to enjoy this classic dessert. If you want to go out, there are plenty of places that will be happy to serve you. Try family favorite Bruster’s or Gelati Celesti if you’re feeling fancy.

Of course you can hit up your grocery store’s freezer case for a delicious night in. And the freezer really is your oyster. Whatever type or flavor you’re looking for you can probably find it these days. If you’re looking to avoid the dairy, you can get your fix here too. Several brands make great dairy-free treats you’re sure to love. Check out SO Delicious or Almond Dream.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer you can even make your own ice cream at home. Pick up an ice cream machine and have at it!

2. Frozen Yogurt

Ice cream’s slightly healthier cousin is enjoying a surge in popularity these days, mainly thanks to self-serve shops like Sweet Frog or Argyle. Choose from an every-changing selection of flavors and toppings. But watch out for those large cups or you may find your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

3. Smoothies

Summer is the perfect time to cool down with a fresh fruit smoothie. There really are endless combinations that you can throw in the blender for a refreshing treat that’s ready in minutes. You can do a dessert smoothie with yogurt or ice cream. Or you can try adding some kale and protein powder for a healthy pick-me-up. If counter space is at a premium, try an immersion blender for your smoothie making needs.

If you’re on the go you can also grab a great smoothie at Smoothie King or Tropical Smoothie Café.

4. Popsicles

Kind of like ice cream, except on a stick, popsicles are a favorite for kids and adults alike. If you’re feeling nostalgic, grab a bag of Technicolor freezie pops and figure out where you left the scissors. Go indulgent with a fudgesicle or creamsicle or another sumptuous treat. Or beat the heat with a fruit popsicle. And don’t underestimate the fun you can have designing your own at home with a popsicle mold. Any terrifying or amazing combination is possible.

5. Watermelon (and other fresh fruit)

Ah, the original summer treats. Almost any fruit you can think of is in season during the summer, and there’s nothing more delicious than fresh, local produce. And watermelon is the obvious favorite. Try it sliced or diced, frozen or salted. It’s hard to go wrong with watermelon.

Check out your local farmer’s market for in-season fruits. You can find them all over the Richmond area. In addition to watermelon, you’re sure to enjoy fresh strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and more.

What’s your favorite summer treat? Don’t forget to like and share!


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