Guide to Soft Tissue Injury Settlements

When you’ve been hurt in an auto accident, the injuries you sustain won’t always be visible. Many victims experience soft tissue damage, which can leave them with an intense pain that lingers.

The time it takes to heal from a soft tissue injury can lead to high medical expenses, time forcibly missed from work, and an unnecessary amount of pain; all of which impact quality of life.

Individuals who have been in an accident, that was not their fault, and suffered from soft tissue damage may have the right to financial relief for the expenses incurred, along with the pain and suffering they’ve experienced.

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It is common with soft tissue injury cases for the insurance company to say that the plaintiff is exaggerating, so it’s important to document and substantiate the injuries for an insurance claim, or a personal injury lawsuit.soft tissue graphic

How Insurance Companies View Soft Tissue Injuries:

It’s important to note when dealing with soft tissue injury claim that the insurance companies are not your friend. Their primary focus is to make money, which means paying you as little as possible for your claim. Many insurance companies have a tendency to confront soft tissue injuries with skepticism, usually implementing fixed minimum values which they are willing to pay.

Here are some reasons that insurance companies treat soft tissue injuries with suspicion;

  • Lack of Evidence: Medical records are the most important aspect of any car accident case. The records help to establish documented proof of the injury sustained, highlight the treatment you’ve received, and are intending to receive. These records are a vital part in showing how much pain you’ve had to suffer because of the soft tissue injury. Insurance companies bank on a lack of documentation for soft tissue damages, which allows them to declare those injuries as non-serious.
  • History of Fraud in a Small Minority of Cases: As a way of defrauding the insurance agencies, unscrupulous individuals have exaggerated or faked sprains, strains and soft tissue injuries. This has resulted in those insurance companies tightening up the process, making it more difficult for both fraudulent, and legitimate claims to be filed.

The most important step for filing a claim for soft tissue injuries is to ensure the injury is documented and receives a medical diagnosis. Having the right lawyer can make a significant difference in your soft tissue injury settlement. With their help, you can document the injuries you’ve received, monitor how they’ve affected your life, and define the best possible treatment to overcome them.

Proving Soft Tissue Injuries:

The problem commonly associated with diagnosing soft tissue injuries is that they don’t show up with most diagnostic tools in the same way as traumatic injuries, such as a broken bone.

This does not mean that the injuries aren’t painful, or negatively impacting the victims quality of life, but it does mean that without positive diagnostic results, insurance companies and defense attorneys can create an argument against the extremity of your injuries.

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How Much can a Soft Tissue Injury be Worth?

Soft tissue injuries fall within a wide category, with the outcomes for each settlement varying case to case. There is no specific formula used by insurance adjusters to determine the outcome of the case. Each aspect of the soft tissue injury will be taken into consideration, along with the cause of the injury.

The following areas should be assessed when determining the worth of your soft tissue injury;

  • Medical Bills: This includes all of the medical treatment you have received, continue to receive, and will be receiving potentially in the future. Hospital and doctor visits, chiropractor or physical therapy appointments, braces, bandages, along with any other equipment you’ve been forced to buy in order to endure the injuries.
  • Property Damage:  It’s important to note the nature of the accident, along with the specific damage that occurred as a result.
  • Lost Wages: When faced with the pain from soft tissue injuries, it’s important to keep track of any wages lost due to an absence of work from the injury. many times, the injuries that occur make it so the victim is not able to return to work at full capacity, and the lack of income should be added up, resulting as  a large piece of your settlement demanded.
  • Pain and Suffering: This can include the psychological toll that the soft tissue injury has taken on you, the hassle of going back and forth between appointments, and the impact had on quality of life and the ability to take part in the things you would normally do.

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The treatment you receive for a soft tissue injury will vary based on the recommendation from your doctor.

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