Accidents Rise with Motor Scooters’ Popularity

The number of mopeds, motor scooters and motorcycle has increased on Virginia roads as a result of higher gas prices, and accidents have increased in recent years as well.

A 2011 University of Florida study noted that sales of scooters and mopeds have been rising significantly, while many roads and intersections lack proper traffic controls to keep their riders safe.

A motor scooter accident claimed the life of a 35-year-old Richmond resident on Aug. 25, according to news reports. A car struck the motor scooter at the intersection of Fairmount Avenue and North 23rd St. in Richmond.

The crash trapped the scooter driver beneath the sedan. Bystanders used a car jack to lift the car off of the driver. Witnesses and nearby residents were not surprised by the accident.  They said that reckless drivers often speed through the intersection because there is no stop light to slow them down.

The scooter driver was wearing a helmet as required by Virginia law. The law also prohibits scooters on freeways. Moped and motor scooter operators who are DUI defendants must be in full compliance with court requirements to legally ride.

According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, there have been 2,062 crashes involving mopeds in the last five years, with nearly all of them causing injuries and 31 crashes causing deaths.

News laws went into effect July 1 in Virginia, requiring moped drivers to carry a driver’s license and every driver and passenger to wear a helmet and register the vehicles.

As is the case with motorcycles, motor scooters and mopeds are small and have a narrow wheel base and many motorists overlook them when approaching an intersection and scanning for traffic.

If you have been involved in a car crash, motor scooter accident, motorcycle collision, or other auto wreck, talk with a Richmond motorcycle accident lawyer who will work to get you the compensation you deserve.