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Veterans Die Awaiting Treatment in VA Hospitals

Veterans Die Awaiting for Treatment from VA Hospitals say Richmond Veterans Disability Benefits Lawyer

America’s military veterans face a host of challenges, including access to medical care at VA hospitals and clinics. CNN has reported that veterans have died in recent years because of delays in getting routine screenings such as colonoscopies and endoscopies….

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Veterans Protest Claims Backlog

Speakers atrecent series of veterans’ rallies throughout the state of Virginia decried the backlog of veterans benefits claims at the Department of Veterans Affairs.During the recent government shutdown, a gathering at the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond encouraged veterans to…

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New Retreat Center Serves Disabled and Wounded Veterans

A nonprofit retreat center opened recently in rural Virginia to provide recreation and rehabilitation for seriously wounded and disabled veterans. The Boulder Crest Retreat Center in Bluemont plans to serve 200-250 disabled and wounded veterans and their families each year….

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Obama Offers Reassurance on Veterans Benefits

The backlog of claims from veterans awaiting benefits reached 611,000 in March 2013. But in a speech to the Disabled Veterans National Convention in Orlando on August 10, President Obama said the backlog had dropped by 20% in recent months….

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