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Prevent Office Injuries: Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls

prevent office injuries

When we think about injury in the workplace, we usually think of factory or warehouse jobs or other occupations that involve manual labor. In fact, many people gravitate towards office jobs because of their perceived low risk. However, injury in…

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Are You a Teen Working at a Fast-Food Restaurant? Beware the Danger Zones

Virginia workers compensation attorney

Working at a part-time job after school and on the weekends at a fast-food restaurant has practically become a rite of passage in our country. Unfortunately, too many teens fail to go through this rite unscathed and suffer serious workplace…

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Virginia Nonprofit Gives Scholarships to Children of Injured Workers

Kids Chance of Virginia is a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships to the children of workers who suffer job-related injuries and illnesses. A group of Virginia employers founded Kids Chance in 2011, and the organization has also established chapters in…

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AFL-CIO Says 265,000 Hurt or Injured on Virginia Jobsites

The AFL-CIO recently released its 22nd annual report on work-related deaths and injuries, Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect. The report said that there were 3.8 million reported cases of work-related illnesses and injuries and 4,693 people killed…

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