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Injured on the Job – What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

In Virginia, an employee who suffers an injury at work may be entitled to certain workers’ compensation benefits, based on several factors that determine whether the injury is a “compensable” claim (i.e., whether the injury should be covered by workers’ compensation insurance, or not).     When determining whether an…

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FAQs: Slip and Fall Accidents at Work

Slip And Fall Questions

If you slip and fall at work and are injured, you may wonder what to do next. This guide will help you understand your rights, your employer’s potential responsibility, and how to best care for your physical and financial well…

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Virginia Personal Injury Statute of Limitations: What You Need to Know


Statute of Limitations in Virginia can be remarkably tricky. Every state sets its own personal injury statute of limitations. Even if a limitation period has passed, make sure to consult an attorney to make sure you know what limitation applies…

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If You Are Hurt on the Job, Who Can You Sue?

Our Virginia workers compensation attorneys discuss more about third-party liability on work-related injuries.

For more than a century, workers in Virginia and across the country have been financially protected by workers’ compensation benefits. If a worker is injured on the job, employers must pay, through worker’s compensation insurance, all medical costs related to…

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