New Retreat Center Serves Disabled and Wounded Veterans

A nonprofit retreat center opened recently in rural Virginia to provide recreation and rehabilitation for seriously wounded and disabled veterans. The Boulder Crest Retreat Center in Bluemont plans to serve 200-250 disabled and wounded veterans and their families each year.

The facility has nature trails, an archery range, gardens, and other outdoor recreation. Boulder Crest also offers yoga classes, equine and canine therapy, meditation, and other therapeutic programs to help disabled and wounded veterans recover from the trauma of war and overseas deployment.

Boulder Crest is accessible to veterans who are receiving treatment at military hospitals, including Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, for traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, and other physical and psychological conditions.

At the opening ceremony, Navy Admiral James A. Winnfield Jr. said, “The severity of many veterans’ physical and emotional trauma suggests long-term care needs that will surpass our publicly available medical capacity well into the future.”

Veterans with disabilities are entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering. The Department of Veterans Affairs and Social Security Administration both offer cash and other benefits to wounded veterans. However, their families also need to heal and recover, and Boulder Crest Retreat Center is one way that Americans are showing support for those who take up arms in defense of freedom.

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