Our Top 5 New Years Safety Resolutions for 2017

Well, the holiday leftovers are dwindling and 2016 is drawing to a close. You know what that means: New Years resolutions. New Years resolutions are famed for being generally unrealistic and abandoned by mid-January. It is possible to be successful in setting goals for the coming year, though, if you choose something achievable and make a concrete plan. We’ve been talking a lot about safety on the blog this year, so here are our top 5 New Years safety resolutions for 2017. 

Stay Healthy

Back in October, we talked about flu prevention. We still have a couple months of flu season left, and it’s not too late to get your flu shot if you haven’t yet. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about it.

In addition to immunization, there are plenty of everyday things we can do to keep ourselves healthy and prevent the spread of disease. Some of these include:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Make time for exercise
  • Take a multivitamin
  • Cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze – but use a tissue or your sleeve, not your hand

Be Ready for an Emergency

We talked about creating a family emergency plan and kit in our post about hurricane preparedness. The New Year is a great time to review your plans as a family and make any necessary changes. Take a look at your emergency kit and make sure everything is still in good shape. Add anything you may have forgotten, and replace anything too old or damaged.

Don’t have an emergency plan and kit? Now is a great time to make one.

Check for Safety Hazards

Take some time during the holiday to check your home for safety hazards, inside and out. Outdoor safety hazards include:

  • Clogged gutters
  • Dead branches or trees that may fall
  • Slippery, uneven, or broken pavement on sidewalks and driveways

Indoor safety hazards include:

  • Fire hazards – check your appliances and outlets to be sure they are in good working order. Make sure you have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and that they are turned on and working.
  • Choking hazards – If you have small children or pets, take a look around your home for any small objects that they could reach and try to swallow. Keep these objects up high, away from curious hands and paws.
  • Check your home for any areas that might cause you to trip or fall. Make sure stair railings are securely attached and tighten them if they are loose. Make sure all rugs have non-slip pads underneath to keep them in place and that walkways are clear and free of debris.

Keep Your Car In Good Shape

Virginia requires annual safety inspections for cars, and for good reason. This keeps you and other drivers safer from faulty vehicles causing crashes on our roads. Make sure your vehicle’s inspection sticker is up to date. You should also follow your manufacturer’s recommendations for oil changes and tune-ups throughout the year to keep your car running smoothly and to catch any developing problems.

Pledge Not to Text and Drive

We discussed the well-known dangers of texting while driving in September. Take some time to talk with your teens about the dangers of distracted driving again. Take a pledge together not to text while driving, or renew your pledge if you made one already. Repetition helps both you and your teens remember these important lessons.

The Richmond personal injury attorneys at Geoff McDonald & Associates wish you a happy and safe New Year!