Liability in a No-Contact Motorcycle Accident

motorcycle on roadIt can be difficult to determine who is liable for certain kinds of motor vehicle accidents. Particularly when the accident did not involve a collision between two or more vehicles, which is the case with no-contact motorcycle crashes.

While some of these accidents may be the fault of the rider, other drivers could also be at fault, even though their vehicles did not touch the motorcycle.

At Geoff McDonald & Associates, we understand you may have questions after a no-contact motorcycle collision. Our legal team welcomes the chance to discuss your situation in a free consultation. We may be able to pursue compensation for your damages. Our experienced attorneys in Richmond know how to establish fault and have the resources to thoroughly investigate your motorcycle accident.

Examples of No-Contact Accidents

Even for experienced riders, it is not that hard to lose control of a motorcycle because of the actions of other drivers. For example, if a driver runs a red light, a motorcyclist approaching from the left or right could swerve to avoid a collision and fall off the bike at high speed.

No-contact accidents could also happen if a driver makes an unexpected lane change, such as one where he or she did not use a turn signal. The driver could swing over into the other lane, and the motorcyclist will need to quickly slow down or change lanes, and a crash could result.

No-contact accidents may also result from these types of driver negligence, such as:

  • Tailgating
  • Distracted driving
  • Road rage
  • Reckless driving
  • Failing to stay in a lane
  • Speeding
  • Not checking blind spots
  • Violating the right of way when making right or left turns
  • Broken taillights that fail to alert a rider of a stopping vehicle

Building a Case Against the At-Fault Driver

Unfortunately, the driver at fault for the accident may not realize what is going on and may leave the scene of the accident. Other drivers know they contributed to a crash but may flee the scene anyway. These factors can make it difficult to prove another driver was at fault.

If you were injured in a no-contact crash, be sure to call the police for assistance. If the driver flees, try to get a look at the car as it leaves the scene. Details like the color, make and model of the vehicle could help police find the car. The license plate number is also invaluable.

If people stop to help, it is possible they may have seen the crash. Be sure to ask them about what they saw and obtain their contact information. The details they provide could do a lot to bolster your claim.

After an accident, some motorcycle riders tend to find ways to blame themselves for what happened. You may think there are things you could have done differently to avoid a crash. For example, you might wonder whether you should have changed lanes earlier or slowed down a little.

While this may be noble, in some ways, it could hurt your claim. Virginia is a pure contributory negligence state – if you are even one percent at fault you cannot recover compensation. Keep these thoughts to yourself, particularly if the insurance company asks you what happened. You may not be at fault.

You can talk to your Richmond motorcycle accident lawyer in a free consultation about your concerns and what you think you could have done differently. Your lawyer can determine if you have a case or whether you may be in any way at fault. 

At Geoff McDonald and associates, our goal is to recover maximum compensation for our clients. We understand how important compensation can be to motorcycle crash victims, especially if they are severely injured and need to be out of work for a significant amount of time.

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