Obama Offers Reassurance on Veterans Benefits

The backlog of claims from veterans awaiting benefits reached 611,000 in March 2013. But in a speech to the Disabled Veterans National Convention in Orlando on August 10, President Obama said the backlog had dropped by 20% in recent months. Obama signaled that he wants to see claims handled more quickly so people receive the assistance they need.

Many service members return from overseas deployments with post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and other debilitating conditions that make life very difficult.

Veterans with disabilities are eligible for financial compensation, medical care, educational benefits and other services from the Veterans Affairs Department. Military personnel may also receive Social Security Disability Insurance to replace income they have lost because of a physical or psychological disability.

Defense Department research into mental health problems and traumatic brain injury has also helped civilians who cannot work because of disabilities caused by emotional and physical trauma. Defense Department representatives are helping healthcare professionals nationwide provide patients with the care and support they need to lead normal lives.

Even though the Obama administration hopes to continue reducing the backlog of veterans’ claims, the sequester has also affected other services to veterans, including educational scholarships for service members and their children. The president tried to make it clear that veterans with disabilities will not be left out in the cold, despite difficult economic times.

Social Security Disability is a lifeline for veterans and civilians alike who cannot work due to illness, disability, mental health issues and other chronic conditions. Veterans and civilians who are disabled deserve the benefits to which they are entitled to cope with their disability. They also deserve the help of a passionate veterans benefits attorney in Richmond who understands how to navigate the claims process effectively and obtain benefits in the shortest time.