Richmond Police Report Top Ten Most Dangerous Intersections

Car Accidents are currently becoming a major cause for concern in the city of Richmond, Virginia. In order to help curb the growing number of Richmond car accidents that occur each day, the city’s police department has released the names of ten of the city’s most dangerous intersections.

According to NBC 12 News, the findings determined the top ten most dangerous intersections to be:

  • 18th and Main- 11 crashes in the first quarter of 2013
  • Broad Rock and Warwick-13 accidents in 2012
  • Cary and Boulevard- 13 collisions in 2012
  • Broad and Harrison- 13 accidents last year, 2 in 2013
  • Cowardin and Bainbridge- 14 crashes last year, 2 so far this year
  • Forest Hill and Chippenham- 14 crashes last year, 3 this year
  • Hull and Commerce-14 accidents last year, 4 this year
  • Cowardin and Simms- 15 crashes in 2012, 1 this year
  • Belvidere and Leigh-15 collisions in 2012, 4 this year
  • Hull and Elkhardt- 16 accidents in 2012, 3 accidents in 2013

These staggering numbers have led many citizens to wonder what they can do to help prevent an accident from occurring. Experts say focusing on the road and double-checking for oncoming traffic at intersections are two of the best ways to reduce the chances of being involved in a collision.

The Richmond personal injury attorneys with Geoff McDonald & Associates are hopeful these tips will help to keep motorists safe while behind the wheel of a vehicle.