Richmond Worker Awarded $750,000 For Injuries

A Richmond, Virginia, jury awarded damages to a man who suffered serious injuries after falling while at the historic Byrd Theatre where he was working. The Richmond Times-Dispatch says the accident occurred on May 23 2009 as the man was volunteering to clean and repair the classic Wurlitzer pipe organ located in the theatre.

Court documents show that the victim claims certain parts of the organ are only accessible by walking up a set of planks. When he did so that day, one of the planks that was not secured by a cleat slipped and caused the man to fall roughly four feet. In the course of the fall, the victim struck his head on the corner of the organ, resulting in severe injuries to his eye that left him partially blind.

The victim has since undergone several surgeries to repair the damaged eye, but has been left with “severe and permanent bodily injuries, physical pain, mental anguish, disfigurement, deformity, humiliation and embarrassment.”

The lawsuit contended that the theatre was negligent in not supporting the plank and the jury agreed, awarding the victim $750,000 in damages. The theatre has less than 20 days to file motions to appeal the ruling.

The Richmond workers comp attorneys with Geoff McDonald & Associates understand just how devastating an injury like this can be and hope that the ruling will help bring closure for the victim.