What is Loss of Consortium?

“Loss of consortium” is a legal phrase referring to the inability of a married couple to engage in an intimate relationship due to physical or psychological injury that a third party has caused. A loss-of-consortium claim seeks compensation for that loss.

In many cases, a loss-of-consortium claim may be filed by the spouse of an injured person. However, this is not allowed in Virginia. In our state, the injured party alone may seek damages for loss of consortium.

As with other types of non-economic damages, recovering compensation for loss of consortium requires presenting evidence that persuades the jury or insurance company that the payment is warranted. Each case is different. The amount of compensation will vary depending on many factors.

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Damages for Injury to Your Marriage

A loss-of-consortium claim is based on loss suffered by a married couple as a whole. There are many physical, emotional or psychological injuries that can make it impossible for a couple to engage in marital relations temporarily or on a permanent basis.

It is up to the jury or the insurance company to decide what monetary value to place on the loss. It is the job of a personal injury attorney to persuade a jury or the insurer of their client’s pain and suffering due to loss of consortium.

But there must be evidence of the loss. In this case, it would be evidence concerning the intimacy of the relationship. Rather than a detailed accounting of a married couple’s physical relationship, the injured spouse might testify about the emotional loss from a lack of closeness. Friends and family might be called upon as well to testify about their admiration for the couple’s relationship.

A loss-of-consortium claim may not be advisable if there is tangible evidence of a shaky marriage or domestic strife such as a prior separation or a filing for separation. These matters must be discussed and considered prior to pursuing loss-of-consortium damages.

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