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An amputation involves the removal of a limb or other body part and is commonly due to some type of physical trauma, prolonged constriction, or through surgery.  The majority of amputation injuries occur in the workplace, most commonly in an industrial, construction, warehouse or factory environment.

While any type of accident can result in the loss of a limb, some of the most common activities which can lead to amputation include the operation of:

  • Chain saws
  • Farm equipment
  • Heavy machinery
  • Mowers
  • Press machines
  • Table saws
  • Wood machines
  • Any type of equipment with moving parts

Amputations can be the result of an accident, safety issues with machinery, design defects, manufacturing defects, improper safety procedures, inadequate warnings, lack of appropriate supervision or any number of reasons.   The most common types of amputations are performed on the hands, legs, wrists, fingers, arms, ears, feet, toes and ears – and can result in significant medical costs.

Amputations Are Severe & Costly Injuries

Amputations are one of the most severe personal injuries an employee can suffer as the loss of a limb or other body part will have an immediate impact on a person’s activities of daily living.  Amputations can result in several hundred thousand dollars in medical costs alone – and several hundred thousand dollars more for expenses that may include home modifications, medications, ongoing medical expenses, physical and mental health therapy, and job retraining.

Amputation Versus Reconstruction

In some situations, injured victims may have a choice between an amputation and having a limb reconstructed.  While functional outcomes are similar following either procedure and the costs associated with both can be significant, amputees ultimately face much higher lifetime healthcare costs.

The costs associated with hospitalization and post-acute care for both amputation and reconstruction are generally the same. However, when prosthesis-related costs were added, there was a substantial difference between the two groups ($91,106 for patients treated with amputation and $81,316 for patients treated with reconstruction) and the projected lifetime health-care cost for the patients who had undergone amputation was three times higher than that for those treated with reconstruction ($509,275 versus $163,282).

Anyone who has undergone an amputation or reconstruction may be entitled to workers’ compensation, permanent disability or other forms of compensation to help pay for those costs.  If you’ve been the victim of either, it’s in your best interests to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to determine who might be responsible for your injury, help you obtain workers’ compensation benefits and begin the process of securing disability benefits for you and your family.  Geoff McDonald & Associates is that firm.

Geoff McDonald & Associates Can Help You Get The WC Benefits You Deserve

When you’ve suffered a workplace injury and can’t get workers’ compensation, the experienced and aggressive workers’ compensation attorneys at Geoff McDonald & Associates will fight to get you the money you deserve for lost wages, medical costs and fees, vocational rehabilitation, retraining and more.

We make it our job to understand your individual needs and circumstances. We know the WC system and we’ll guide you through it to obtain the maximum workers’ compensation and other benefits for which you’re eligible. We’ll make sure you’re fully informed and educated about your case at every step along the way.

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