Types of Burn Injuries

Where Do Burn Injuries Occur?

Source: American Burn Association

Source: American Burn Association

Types of Burn Injuries

When an individual sustains major burn injuries in an accident, particularly one caused by an act of negligence, it is necessary to take legal action against those responsible. The victim should not be the one left with the financial burdens and other losses. Seeking compensation is a burn victim’s right in cases of negligence. The person who caused the burns must be held accountable.

If you are suffering from physical and emotional pain relating to burn injuries caused by another person’s negligence, a lawyer from Geoff McDonald & Associates is ready to provide you with the representation you deserve.

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The following are just a few of the ways negligence can lead to the most common types of burn injuries:


thermal burnThermal burns are caused by either a heat source or from a chemical reaction that leads to the release of heat.

Caution must be taken around hot objects and areas where chemicals are being used. Carelessness, failure to properly label objects, lack of warning signs, inadequate training and other acts of negligence can all lead to serious burn injuries or death.

For example, welding exposure can lead to thermal injuries on the job, especially when safety precautions are not enforced by a foreman or on-site supervisor. When an individual plays with matches or neglects to keep a campfire under control, the probability is high that innocent people will get burned.

If a fire breaks out in an apartment building, the building’s owner or landlord may be held responsible if people are hurt due to the lack of working smoke detectors.


Radiation burnRadiation burns generally occur when an individual is exposed to excessive or continual amounts of ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Medical personnel who do not properly administer radiation treatment to cancer patients could end up causing serious thermal burns. A malfunctioning tanning bed, or a tanning salon that fails to properly warn customers about the dangers of UV exposure could lead to individuals sustaining painful radiation burns.


electricalWhen an individual comes in contact with an electrical source, he or she will likely sustain an electrical burn that can cause serious tissue and nerve damage.

If an electrician fails to properly ground an electrical outlet in a home, the homeowner or occupant could sustain burns. Faulty wires or damaged equipment can also lead to electrical mishaps and injuries. In this type of situation, the manufacturer could be held liable under product liability laws.


frictionFriction burns are often a combination of an abrasion and a heat burn. These types of burns occur when an individual falls, gets dragged or otherwise comes in contact with a hard surface.

Friction burns can happen on a road, floor, carpet and numerous other places. Motorcyclists often sustain this type of injury when they are involved in a crash. A malfunctioning escalator could also cause an individual to sustain a friction burn.


chemicalChemical burns are generally caused by contact with chemicals found in liquids, gases or solids such as cleaning solutions.

A worker who fails to properly label chemical containers is acting negligently and could be held responsible if a spill results in another person sustaining a serious chemical burn. A company that fails to put adequate warning labels on its cleaning product could be responsible if a customer were to get a chemical burn as a result of using the product. A malfunctioning gas meter could cause a natural gas leak or fire.

Seek Help from a Burn Injury Attorney Serving Richmond and Virginia

Burn victims have the legal right to seek compensation for injuries caused as a result of another person’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing. If you have suffered severe burns, a skilled burn injury lawyer from Geoff McDonald & Associates can provide the counsel you deserve for your case.

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