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Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits provide money to people who have become disabled and can no longer work.  But those benefits can be tough to get without help from an experienced Social Security Disability attorney. The application process can take months or years. Many claims are initially denied and too many people who qualify for SSD benefits simply give up because they become frustrated.

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SSDI And SSI Benefits

The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers two disability programs. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is paid to Virginia residents who have worked for substantial periods in the past but who are no longer able to work owing to a disability.

A second government program, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), pays disabled people who have not worked substantially and who have little or no money or resources.

SSDI or SSI benefits are paid when a physical or mental condition limits or prevents someone from working. A serious accident or injury may qualify someone for benefits.

Do You Qualify For SSD?

To obtain either SSDI or SSI benefits, you must be “totally disabled.” The rules about who qualifies for SSI and SSDI are complex.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) lists many illnesses or health problems that may qualify you for SSD benefits. Those include: blindness, breathing problems, cancer, chronic heart disease, deafness, extreme psoriasis involving hands and feet, HIV immune system disorders, mental disorders, multiple sclerosis, neurological disorders, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, seizures despite the use of medication, and other severe medical conditions.

For additional and more specific information on these conditions, see our section on Common Types of Disabling Injuries and Social Security Disability FAQs.

How Much Can I Get?

Benefits can be obtained on a temporary or permanent basis depending on the type and severity of your disability and are not dependent upon your income level.  Benefits are based on your average lifetime earnings before your disability began – not on how severe your disability is or how much income you currently have.  According to the SSA, the SSDI recipients receive between $300 and $2,200 per month.

In 2013, the maximum disability benefit is $2,533 with the average recipient receiving SSDI payments of $1,132.  These figures change every year and are dependent upon the facts and circumstances of your situation.  In some cases, applicants may be entitled to back pay which reverts to their original application date.

The amount of SSDI you’re entitled to is generally not affected by disability insurance benefits from other private, long-term disability companies.  However, SSDI benefits may be affected if you receive other government regulated disability benefits, such as workers’ compensation or benefits from state-sponsored programs.

Recipients generally receive monthly cash benefits if they are unable to work for a year or more because of a disability and usually continue until they are able to work again on a regular basis.

Call Geoff To Assess Your SSD Eligibility

You can handle your case without an attorney, but there are risks in doing that. For instance, your claim may be denied, even if it’s a valid one. Your case may take months or years to resolve, and even then you may not get all of the benefits that you deserve.

Our advice? Contact Geoff McDonald & Associates in Richmond to assess your SSD eligibility anywhere in Virginia.  We may be able to help you increase your chances of getting SSD benefits, file or appeal your claim and assist you in understanding the other types of benefits available for which you might be entitled.

We can gather the medical, financial and personal information needed to begin the process, file your SSD application or appeal an application which was previously denied.  We’ll explain all of the rules and explore all benefits you are entitled to receive.

We’re here to help you secure your future.  At Geoff McDonald & Associates, we are looking out for your best interests.