William Carr

Bill Carr hails from Hopewell, Virginia where he and his sister attended public school. “From an early age, I was aware of inequality. Some kids were fortunate and got a lot out of school, whereas others were struggling with finances and other family matters that prevented them from achieving success. I had a lot of compassion for my classmates.”

Bill continued to be a champion for the common man into adulthood. Before he became a lawyer, he worked as an adjuster for an insurance company. The experience was eye-opening. “That’s when I decided to become a plaintiff’s attorney. It was obvious that an injured person didn’t stand a chance going up against these insurance corporations. It was just inherently unfair.”

He began his legal career in plaintiff’s law in Hampton Roads where he was a personal injury trial attorney. Bill also spent time in southwest Virginia (and over the border into Tennessee) settling cases for injured people and taking insurance companies to court on behalf of his clients. After a while, Bill migrated back to the Richmond area and spent the next 16 years focusing on medical malpractice, personal injury, and workers’ compensation. His life’s work has been in helping people get the best results they can after an injury, allowing them the time and resources they need to heal.

Bill earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Georgia. Prior to that, he graduated with distinction from the University of Virginia where he was a member of the Jefferson Literary Debating Society. He is an avid downhill skier, loves traveling, reading, and gardening. “One thing I really enjoy is collaborating with other attorneys and advising younger attorneys. Experienced attorneys are responsible for encouraging young lawyers to do the people’s work of helping the injured and their families.”

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