Fatal Car Crash Caused by Texting While Driving

Two friends were killed in a tragic accident along the Chippenham Parkway in Richmond, Virginia, Saturday afternoon. According to reports from CBS 6 News, the accident happened while the 27-year-old driver of the vehicle was speeding and texting while driving.

The accident happened at 4:35 PM as the driver was traveling north along the highway with a 22-year-old passenger. Right after the Stony Point exit, the driver was texting when she veered the vehicle across and over the center median and into southbound traffic where she collided with another car head-on. Both the driver and her passenger were declared dead at the scene.

The driver of the southbound vehicle was seriously injured, but was taken to VCU Medical Center, where he remains in serious by stable condition. Officers are still investigating the crash.

Legislation is currently before the Virginia General Assembly that would make texting and driving a primary offense–meaning the act would be enough for an officer to pull over and cite a driver. The law only makes texting and driving an offense now if officers catch the driver committing another crime while behind the wheel.

The car accident lawyers in Richmond, VA with Geoff McDonald and Associates ask motorists not to wait for legislation to pass to stop the dangerous behavior of texting and driving. Instead, choose not to use your phone while driving. If you have been injured in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, contact an experienced attorney today.