Virginia Brain Injury Victims Face A Lack Of Resources

With so much ground-breaking information coming out in recent years regarding brain injuries, many citizens in Virginia are becoming concerned about the care brain injury victims receive.

Another concern is the lack of resources for treatment available for victims of brain injuries. Nursing homes often do not have or cannot access the tools needed in order to provide treatment to patients, considering more than $15 million is spent annually for out-of-state patient care. Some facilities that specialize in the treatment of brain injury patients exist in the state, but are sometimes difficult for victims to receive funding for through Medicaid.

To correct the problem, lawmakers are considering both short-term and long-term solutions. Currently, legislators are working to have the regulations that prohibit Medicaid for paying for certain services to be lifted. This is why officials are considering creating funding for more live-in facilities where patients with brain injuries can receive treatment, as well as learn coping mechanisms for the struggles they face each day.

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