Geoff McDonald Volunteers for Brian Derby Offensive Lineman Camp 2019

Local attorney Geoff McDonald began his college football career at the University of Hawaii. That’s where he met Brian Derby, who was his roommate. Almost 30 years later, the two continue to work on the football field together, but this time in a training capacity.

“We’ve been doing this together, we’ve known each other for over 20 years,” McDonald said on Tuesday. “Actually, this is a little scary, more like 30 years.”

“Every year when I get back, we’re planning for the next year already,” added Derby. “To do this here and spend time with him and his family, it’s always fun.”

Derby’s Offensive Linemen Camp has returned to the Richmond area for the seventh straight summer this week. The former Hawaii lineman is completing the 23rd year of his camps, which take place throughout the nation. Derby hammers home discipline, respect, and fundamentals.

“If you’ve got respect and discipline, whatever I teach you, you’re going to do it, because, in your mind, you want to learn, you want to learn it,” he said. “I try to teach them a balanced stance. I want to see them do everything that we do out of balance.”

McDonald, who would transfer from Hawaii and finish his career at UVA, says the camp has a proven track record of positive results.

“You can’t be a great team without a great offensive line. If the offensive line comes together, you’ve got a core for your team. We’ve seen teams go from 2-8 to 10-2 in two years just by sending their kids to this camp.”


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