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Slip and Fall Accidents Statistics and Prevention

If you are involved in a slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Statistics show that some falls can cause serious injuries and cost people thousands in medical bill and more. When this happens, your priority should…

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Virginia Personal Injury Statue of Limitations: What You Need to Know


Statue of Limitations in Virginia can be remarkably tricky. Every state sets its own personal injury statute of limitations. Even if a limitation period has passed, make sure to consult an attorney to make sure you know what limitation applies…

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Settling Personal Injury Claims Without a Lawyer: Tips and Risks


Deciding whether to hire an attorney for a personal injury claim can be a tough decision. Virginia law allows you to collect payment for such losses through a personal injury lawsuit. Settling your own personal injury claim without a lawyer…

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Common Slip and Fall Injuries and Symptoms

Slip and fall incidents are the most common causes of injures and it should not be taken lightly. Business owners must be vigilant to avoid slip and fall injuries on their premises. If you are involved in a slip and…

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