Clients Reviews

Very professional,trustworthy and friendly. They make you feel comfortable and at ease

Five Stars cathie myers

I primarily worked with Victoria. She was very knowledgeable and accessible. Every step of the way she made me feel at eased and comfortable about the situation. When I did speak with Kyle he was very polite and upfront.

Five Stars Cory Debro

When my family and I was hit the only thing I kept seeing on TV was Geoff McDonald so I called them up and I could tell that my well being was priority. I'm not sure how many times Kim asked me if me and my family okay. You can hear the sincerity in Kim's voice, I was a group home kid and never really had the feeling of life will be ok. Whenever I spoke to her she made me feel like I was the only case that she had. She answered every single question or concerned that I had and I knew I mattered to her. Amelia came on board and I must admit, I think I gave her a tough time but she was so patient with me and never took anything personal. She understood that emotions got the best out of me and she answered all my questions thoroughly. It she didnt have an answer she made sure she got the correct answer and called me back once she did. My case isn't settled yet but I know with Geoff and these two, everything will be perfectly ok. So I thank you all for accepting my case, I've never been in an accident and it is truly scary so I cant thank you enough for the well checks on my family and I. Update: Finally!!!!! lol. It has been an extremely long road. Now that everything is said an done i figure ill update. Bottom line i would use them again but there were somethings i wasnt too happy with. It seemed as if everytime i called there was someone new on the case. The people that picked up the case were amazing but i just wish someone wouldve informed me that such and such left the company. It happened twice. Now we were dealing with another driver who was also involved and they were our hold up on my case closing fast. Its been almost two years but we are here now. I will say Kyle, i loved his firmness. It seemed like he was fed up with the other peoples attorneys just like i was. i can tell he was doing all he could to get those peoples attorney to do their jobs. Now to the money. I can say its more than what i had. Was it what i expected, no do i hink i deserve more. Yes lol. I had to have foot surgery which of course crushed my dream of joining the military. I still have pain in my foot and i cant wear some of my shoes anymore. I know that doesnt have much to do with Geoff McDonald and more to do with the policy. I actually had to have two foot surgeries so theres no amount of money that could ever balance that out. So of course with COVID-19 going on i had to sign everything electronically and was tld the checks would be in the mail and should receive them 3-5 business days. This is what not really upset me but made me feel some type of way. With the money they made off the case which is more than what i pocketed, i wished they took a few dollars and atleast overnight the check, i mean i couldve paid for it but ive waited this long so i guess another week wont hurt.. This entire case ive never been in office but i really wish i couldve met Mr.Mcdonald, Taj talked vry highly of him and me being a foster child who bounced from group home to foster home, i really wished i couldve shaken his hand or even a hug lol. Thank you Geoff Mcdonald and Taj for all that you are doing with the youth

Five Stars Kimberly Boakye

I had an eye injury at work back in March 2019 and the case was reported to the workman comp insurance. Every body knows that it's not easy to deal with the insurance in this kind of hard time when you are out of work and you need that money. So I decided to hire an attorney who can properly handle my case. That was another challenge for me to find a best attorney But google made it easy. When I google searched for top five workman comp attorneys, Geoff McDonald & Associates name popped up on the top of the list. I called them and hired them as my attorney. The firm assigned me one of their attorney name Richard Talbot. He was very knowledgable and took my case very personal. I am very much satisfied with his services. Thank you very much to Mr. Richard and the whole team at Geoff McDonald & Associates.

Five Stars mickey singh

Have really there for us and the and up and have had I will be so to but your best for me I thank you your has been great on top everythingaveyeeyou are so kind gracious I needed a legal it be you thank again God blessgainikef

Five Stars Delma Carroll

I'm extremely happy with the outcome of my case. Taj, Kelly and Geoff were amazing!!!

Five Stars shakerah hill

Janica and Kyle are the absolute best. They are currently handing a personal injury case abs the communication is top notch! Highly recommended for any type of injury case including Workers Compensation.

Five Stars Cecil Horton

Rich Talbot is awesome!!!

Five Stars Kathy Goodman

Cheryl and Blair, thank you for everything and God blesses be with you and the firm. If anyone needs good representation, I would recommend this firm. I appreciate everything you all have done!

Five Stars Mary James

Love this Lawfirm staff is great!!!

Five Stars Diane Weaver

Gracias por la representación caso mas por ustedes ganado

Five Stars José Rodríguez

If you are anything like me..unsure where to turn when you are hurt on the job and workers compensation is not in it to help you with answers to the many questions that will often follow.. the team at Geoff McDonald & Associates is where you want to turn the team I was assigned Richard and Hanna was absolutely amazing they guided me through my situation to where I understood everything they were always available to me when I often just showed up at the office and when I called I was always able to speak with someone from my team. Richard guided me from my first initial meeting to what my options were and what my outcome would most likely be...98% on point at the very end which I found perfectly great Hanna always called with any updates that would help me be prepared for any meetings to my amazement they took care of any and all meeting for me on my behalf that benefited me on my behalf.. absolutely love them for their dedication and honesty with me I would recommend them for any personal injury claims on or off the job. Geoff McDonald and Associates 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 Thanks In Advance Beverly and Family

Five Stars Beverly Williams

All questions were answered. My concerns were explained clearly. They called and informed me every step.

Five Stars Ok Bn SM

A special thanks to Richard Talbot and everyone who helped!!

Five Stars Latroya Chew

I love my attorneys Josh and Amellia!! They worked nonstop to assist me , they made me feel like my case and my injuries were top Priority! Thank you!!

Five Stars angel pervall

Great people

Five Stars Terry Ramsey

I have had a wonderful team working for me on my Case. A Big Thank You To Blair, Cheryl And Nahomy. Awesome Job Ladies

Five Stars Valerie Conner

Shout out to Blair Thomas & Hannah for being excellent & helpful.

Five Stars Felicia Robinson

My experience with Geoff McDonald and Associates was awesome. My attorney Kyle Matykowski was VERY pleasant and worked well with me. I will certainly recommend them to friends and family. They handle my case very well.

Five Stars Jasmine Pollard

They guided me through and it was great

Five Stars Terrell Robinson