Joshua Voelkel

Joshua Voelkel graduated from the University of Richmond in May 2019 and began working at GMA in late August. Although a recent graduate, Joshua comes from a long lineage of lawyers, and has obtained an impressive array of experience, settling multiple cases in the past using his third-year practice certification whilst still in school.

“I’ve always wanted to enter a profession that afforded me the opportunity to help others,” Joshua says.  He recently started in the pre-litigation group where he’s able to interact with clients daily and assist them in getting the treatment they need to be back where they were before the accident.

Born in Fairbanks, Alaska, Joshua grew up as a military brat. Relocating to five different states and attending seven different schools allowed him to encompass an impressive ability for adaption. Graduating from Christopher Newport University in 2016 with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Philosophy and Religion, Joshua decided to follow the long lineage of his family and attended the University of Richmond School of Law.

Joshua spent a summer working at Vandeventer Black, a large defense firm, where he was able to gain insight into how cases are viewed. This proved to be a stark contrast from his time spent at Powell Law Group, an injury/worker’s compensation firm where he worked throughout his 3rd year in law school.

Switching gears and working for a small plaintiff firm allowed Joshua to see first-hand just how significant it is for attorneys to make themselves available to their clients. “Always listen intently to what the client is telling you.” He says, “I was given the advice that a lot of great attorneys will miss crucial pieces of information to a case because they would rather tell the client what to do, rather than listen to their story.” Joshua appreciates the incredible impact maintaining contact can have in minimizing the trauma of a client’s experience.

Joshua resides in Richmond, VA. with his girlfriend and Boston Terrier, Harvey. While outside of the office you can find him blowing off steam through physical activity. Whether it’s going for a run, playing a round of golf or basketball, Joshua enjoys leading an active lifestyle in order to keep disciplined and stay healthy.


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