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Automotive Defects Lawsuits in Virginia

Automobiles are integral to our everyday lives. Whether you drive a car, truck, minivan, or SUV, you rely on the auto manufacturer to design and build a safe vehicle for you and your family. We all trust that the car companies use the greatest possible care to ensure...

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Virginia Corn Recall

Virginia is among the states listed in a recent recall of frozen corn from Bonduelle USA. The Brockport, New York company has recalled over 9,000 cases of frozen cut corn from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky,...

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Are You Hurricane Ready?

If you’ve lived in Virginia for a while, you know we’re currently in the heart of hurricane season. Some of the worst storms on record have happened shortly before or after Labor Day. In central Virginia we usually don’t get much more than heavy rain from nearby...

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How to Avoid Potential Prom Night Hazards

For teens, prom should be a happy and exciting night – a time to get dressed up, enjoy a good meal, dance and make memories with friends. For parents, it should be a chance to take photos, wave goodbye and – above all – not worry for the rest of the night about their...

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Taking a Closer Look at GM Recalls

General Motors has issued more recalls so far in 2014 due to suspected automotive defects than in the history of the company. As CNN reports, there have now been 29 separate recalls that cover 13.8 million vehicles in the U.S. and 15.8 million worldwide. To put the...

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GM Recalls Continue to Mount

General Motors recently announced two recalls involving more than 100,000 vehicles because of defects that pose driving hazards. The action comes as the automaker continues to deal with legal and regulatory fallout from an ignition key defect that led to the recall of...

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