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Construction workers have a higher risk of sustaining serious injuries compared to workers in many other industries. These injuries can leave victims incapacitated and unable to perform the same work activities they did previously. During this difficult time, talking to a licensed lawyer can be an important step as you consider legal options.

The Richmond construction accident lawyers at Geoff McDonald and Associates have been helping injury victims in Virginia pursue fair compensation for over 20 years. We have obtained more than $400 million in compensation and our founder Geoff McDonald’s cases have resulted in over 200 written opinions, including 46 Court of Appeals or Workers’ Compensation Commission opinions.

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How Do I Know if I Have a Case?

There are several factors to consider when determining your eligibility to pursue compensation for a construction accident. This is something a knowledgeable construction accident lawyer from our firm can discuss with you in your free consultation.

Some of the factors our lawyers may want to consider include:

  • Location of the accident
  • Working conditions at the site
  • Equipment or machinery used on the site
  • Employer or contractor you worked for
  • All parties responsible for managing the site 

To find out if you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits or other forms of compensation, contact our Richmond construction accident attorneys today.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Construction Accident Injuries?

When pursuing a personal injury or wrongful death case, you must prove the accident was caused by the negligence of another party. Liable parties could include:

  • Construction site owners could potentially be held liable for any injuries that were caused by dangerous conditions they should have been aware of.
  • Construction site managers are responsible for properly hiring and training qualified individuals and making sure they are complying with safety requirements enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  
  • General contractors are often responsible for the conditions on a construction site. They have a responsibility for the work they perform and the area they are working in.
  • Subcontractors may be brought in for a minor part of the construction project, however, they too have an obligation to perform their duties in a safe manner to help prevent harm to others.
  • Architects and engineers are responsible for designing plans that are safe without any major flaws that may put workers in harm’s way.
  • Manufacturers and suppliers could be held liable for defects in machinery, tools and equipment. 

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How Much Compensation Can I Recover?

Depending on the details of your case, you may be eligible to pursue multiple forms of compensation. Workers’ compensation benefits provide compensation for any medical bills along with a portion of lost wages for missed time at work. Workers’ compensation may also provide financial support to dependents if a loved one was killed in a construction accident.        

Sometimes a construction accident victim will have the opportunity to seek additional compensation from a third party. For example, if your accident was caused by a defective machine, you may be able to seek compensation from the manufacturer of the machine.

In a third-party claim, you can pursue compensation for past, present and future medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages, which may include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of companionship      

In a case involving a wrongful death, the surviving dependents may be compensated for funeral and burial costs, lost wages from the deceased person missing work, loss of future income the deceased person could have earned and any medical expenses incurred by the family before the time of death.

Accurately calculating the value of your claim is something an experienced Richmond construction accident lawyer can help you with, if you have a viable claim.

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When Do I Have to Report My Injury?

You could be denied workers’ compensation benefits if you do not report your injury to your employer within 30 days after the accident date, or 30 days from the date your doctor diagnoses you with a work-related injury.

Your employer has only 10 days to file a required First Report of Injury (FROI) with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission.

If your claim is accepted, you should receive an Award Agreement from the insurer with an explanation of your benefits. If the award is not granted, you may be able to file an appeal or a personal injury claim against a third party responsible for your injuries. Personal injury claims generally have a two-year deadline, however, there may be exceptions.     

After reporting your injury, consider contacting the Richmond construction accident attorneys at Geoff McDonald and Associates for a free consultation. We may be able to help you recover compensation for medical expenses and other damages.  

Different Types of Construction Accident Claims

After a construction accident, there are a few different types of claims injured workers may be able to file:

Workers’ Compensation Claim  

Most workers in the state of Virginia are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits to help pay for medical expenses and disability for missed time from work. Unlike a personal injury claim, you do not have to prove negligence was involved.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

If your employer does carry workers’ compensation, you will most likely not be able to file a personal injury claim against them. However, if your construction accident was the result of negligence by a third party, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against the third party, in addition to receiving workers’ compensation.

Wrongful Death Claim

In the unfortunate event of a death from a construction accident, certain family members may be able to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the deceased. Funeral and burial costs, medical expenses and lost wages are all possible forms of compensation that may be obtained from this type of claim.

Non-Employee Claim 

Construction accidents may sometimes involve non-employees such as pedestrians or drivers who may be traveling near the construction site. For example, these claims may arise when:

  • A passerby suffers from a slip and fall accident
  • A pedestrian is struck by a construction vehicle
  • A pedestrian or vehicle is struck by falling debris or material

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Ways a Construction Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Case

There could be many ways our Richmond construction accident lawyers may be able to assist you, including filing documents, investigating the accident, negotiating for fair compensation, communicating with insurance companies, preparing for trial, and investigating parties involved in the construction site for past instances of negligence.

If you have questions about whether you may have a case and how we may be able to assist you, feel free to contact us for a free consultation. This confidential meeting comes with no obligation to take legal action.

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Common Construction Accidents

There are various ways a construction worker can suffer a serious injury on the job:

  • Vehicle accidents
  • Machinery accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Falling from heights
  • Electrocutions
  • Caught in-between objects
  • Overexertion
  • Fires and explosions
  • Falling material, equipment or debris
  • Trench collapses
  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Chemical exposure

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