Josephine Roebuck

Josephine Roebuck is the Chief Marketing Officer at Geoff McDonald and Associates. Josephine manages the advertising for the firm as well as community outreach, client satisfaction, and the culture of the company.

Growing up in a family of artists, Josephine’s creativity and artistic skills came naturally. She decided that her creativity would be best paired with a fundamental understanding of business and Marketing.

Josephine attended the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, with a concentration in Product and Brand Management and a minor in Fashion Merchandising.

During Josephine’s undergrad studies, she developed proficient graphic design skills using Adobe Suite. Josephine utilized her graphic design abilities during college as a freelance designer working with local start-ups, artists, and podcast creators.

Josephine interned at The Broad, a women’s co-working space and social club located in the heart of the Richmond Arts District. While at The Broad, Josephine focused on brand management, marketing, and event planning.

Josephine joined Geoff McDonald and Associates in January of 2021 as the Director of Marketing. With the firm’s recent growth and expansion, Josephine was named the first Chief Marketing Officer of Geoff McDonald & Associates in 2023. Since joining the team, her job has evolved to include a focus on client satisfaction, company culture, and Community Outreach. Josephine fulfills Geoff McDonald and Associates’ commitment to helping others through community events, working with nonprofits, charitable fundraising, and doing monthly giveaways.



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