Twelve People Injured In Chesterfield Two Vehicle Collision

12 people were injured in a car accident that occurred in Chesterfield, Virginia, late last week. The Times-Dispatch stated the crash happened Thursday evening at the corner of Hopkins Road and Kingsland Road.

A spokesman from the Chesterfield County Police Department, Sgt. Rod Brown, said the driver of a medical transport van, carrying 10 passengers with special needs, was traveling along Hopkins Road. As he passed through the intersection with Kingsland Road though, the 21-year-old driver of a red Dodge Durango SUV blew through a stop sign at the corner without coming to a halt and slammed into the side of the van.

The impact of the Chesterfield car accident left the driver and the passenger of the SUV with critical injuries, which required rescue crews to airlift the pair to a local hospital for treatment. Ten of the van’s passengers also sustained injuries that required them to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

Officers charged the driver of the SUV with both reckless driving and possession of marijuana following a full investigation into the incident.

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