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Trinity Guardrail Testing Finishes – What’s Next?

Our motor vehicle accident lawyers report on the Trinity guardrail testing results.

Testing of a controversial guardrail component that is being removed from Virginia roads as a safety hazard has concluded in the guardrail’s failure and further evidence that the guardrail could cause “devastating injuries” in vehicle accidents, according to an expert’s…

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Tech123Study Indicates Later School Start Times Could Reduce Teen Crashes

Our Richmond car accident lawyers report on study that indicates later school start times could reduce teen crashes.

The earlier school starts, the higher the risk of teen car accidents, indicates a recently published study comparing teen crash rates in two Virginia counties. Using data from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, the researchers analyzed teen crashes in…

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Is Your Car Ready for Winter Driving?

The Richmond car accident attorneys suggest these tips to get your car in winter conditions.

As February arrives, it may be tough for many of us to think about the fact that we still have plenty of winter weather still left to endure. Unfortunately, the conditions we may be facing in the weeks ahead can…

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As Construction Booms in 2015, Worker Safety Should Be Priority

The Virginia workers compensation attorneys report on the construction boom of 2015 and the industry's emphasis on safety.

Construction firms plan to hire more workers as business booms in 2015 – especially in Virginia – according to the recently released results of a trade group survey. Hopefully, these companies will not put their profits before worker safety and…

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