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Gardening Safety Tips: Keep Your Green Thumb In Good Shape

gardening safety

We recently posted some gardening tips for those of you interested in knowing more about the climate and other factors that impact gardeners in Virginia. Virginia is a wonderful location for gardening, with a pleasant, mild climate that is ideal…

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Earth Day 2016: Richmond Celebrates Our Planet

Earth Day

This Friday, April 22, marks the 46th annual Earth Day celebration. Earth day was first celebrated in 1970 and was created by Senator Gaylord Nelson. When he announced his plan for a “national teach-in” on environmental subjects to take place…

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Hiking Trails Near Richmond, VA: A Guide For Spring

hiking trails near richmond, va

Virginia is a wonderful destination if you are interesting in hiking or other outdoor pursuits. From the Blue Ridge Mountains in the west to the Chesapeake Bay in the east, our state is full of unique natural beauty for visitors…

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Virginia Eviction Laws: Know Your Rights

virginia eviction laws

Many Virginia residents live in rented accommodations, which can have different advantages and challenges than owning a home. In an ideal situation both landlord and tenant abide by the terms of the lease and, therefore, exist more or less in…

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