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Stay Aware of Your Surroundings: Pokémon GO Safety

Pokémon GO Safety

We mentioned the new app sensation Pokémon GO in a recent post about apps that get your off the couch. And indeed, tens of millions of people have downloaded the game and are getting out and about catching these virtual…

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Heat Stroke Prevention: Know the Signs and Symptoms

heat stroke prevention

Virginia has seen a long streak of very hot weather recently. This isn’t unusual for our state in the middle of summer, but it is a good time for a reminder about heat-related illnesses. The CDC reports that over 600…

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Get Moving: Top 5 Apps to Get You Off the Couch

apps to get you off the couch

Love it or hate it, we truly are living in the age of technology as we make our way further into the 21st century. The internet, and all the information it contains, is available to almost everyone. Want to learn…

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Grilling Safety: Your Guide to a Safe Summer Cookout

grilling safety

Nothing says summer like a nice backyard barbecue. It’s great to get together with friends and family to share some grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, or even fish and vegetables if you’re feeling creative. But grilling can be dangerous if…

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