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Cold and Flu Season: 10 Common Myths

cold flu season

As we head into October, cold and flu season is just getting into swing. We can expect an increase in cases of the flu and the common cold to be higher until around March. There are steps you can take…

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Motorcycle Rental in Virginia: Your Complete Guide

motorcycle rental virginia

The true fall weather is slowly arriving in Virginia, bringing pleasantly cool temperatures and the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. If you are a motorcyclist visiting the Commonwealth, you might be interested in seeing the beauty of Virginia on…

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Roanoke Hotels Near 81: A Guide for Travelers

roanoke hotels near 81

Are you planning a trip to Roanoke, Virginia? Or perhaps just traveling through the area on Interstate 81? Our guide to Roanoke hotels near 81 gives you the low down on some convenient options where you can enjoy a pleasant…

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What Does Roanoke Mean in its Native American Language?

what does roanoke mean in native american

Like many places in Virginia, the city of Roanoke got its name from the original Native American inhabitants of the area. In fact, there are several uses of the name Roanoke in this region. The source of the Roanoke River…

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