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Labor Day Safety: Make the Most of the Long Weekend

labor day safety

Photo: JD Hancock Labor Day weekend is just days away, and for many of us that means one last gasp of summer vacation. When making your plans for the long weekend, don’t forget to include safety precautions. Whether you’re headed…

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Are You Hurricane Ready? Check Out Our Safety Tips

hurricane ready

Photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center If you’ve lived in Virginia for a while, you know we’re currently in the heart of hurricane season. Some of the worst storms on record have happened shortly before or after Labor Day. In…

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NASA Crash Test Plane in Hampton Wednesday

NASA staff prepare for crash test

NASA is often in the news because of their fantastic outer space projects. You’ve probably seen the breathtaking images of Pluto from the New Horizons mission, which reached the dwarf planet in Summer 2015 after a nine-year journey. You may…

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The Contingency Fee: Yes You Can Afford a Lawyer

contingency fee

Photo: Source If you’re injured in an accident – especially due to someone else’s negligence – you’ll have plenty of worry and frustration to deal with. You need to go to doctor’s appointments while also juggling work and family commitments…

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