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Driver in Double Fatality Accused of Overusing Prescription Drugs

Richmond Car Accident Attorney

The driver of a pickup truck that collided with a car on Interstate 64 near Virginia Beach, killing a woman and her 12-year-old daughter, had an excessive concentration of prescription drugs in his system at the time, according to recent…

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AAA Concerned That Relaxed Pot Laws Will Lead to More Accidents


The District Council in Washington, D.C., just relaxed penalties for possessing and using marijuana, and the Mid-Atlantic American Automobile Association responded by expressing concern that the change will lead to more car crashes involving marijuana-impaired driving. Although the new pot…

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Volvo Tests Distracted Driver Detection System


The automaker Volvo has started building test vehicles with safety technology that senses when a driver becomes distracted. The Volvo test cars are equipped with electronic sensors that use infrared light to determine where the driver is looking by monitoring…

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Bicycle Riders in Virginia at Risk of Injuries from ‘Dooring’ Accidents


With more and more Virginia workers commuting by bicycle, dooring is a growing hazard. The collisions are a cause of serious injury to cyclists. Often, bikers are found at fault for accidents in which they can’t stop before slamming into…

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